Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance experts have years of experience under their belts. Working on both sides of transactions they're able to provide you with expert advice, whether you’re a borrower, lender, bank or private individual.


At Carbon Law Partners we want to get to know you as a business and as an individual. To understand what you do, and what you want to achieve. Our banking and finance lawyers can advise you whatever you need - from finance to buy a company or commercial premises, to funding the start-up of a new project.


From simple lending structures to complex regulatory regimes, Carbon Law Partners' banking and finance lawyers can help borrowers and lenders navigate the often complex borrowing and lending legal framework.

Every transaction is different - its nature and complexity will depend on its type, structure, the level of financing needed and the parties involved.

We know that the time we spend building our relationship with you, understanding your goals and keeping you informed every step of the way is valuable. It helps a transaction go through as smoothly as possible. 

Our lawyers are on hand with the very best advice, suited to your legal position and your commercial restraints.

  • Acquisition & Leveraged Debt

  • Asset Finance (including asset based lending)

  • Construction & Development Finance

  • Debt Restructuring

  • Due Diligence

We're here to help you with all of your banking needs. Whether it's working with you to draft or update your ‘precedent bank’ of documents, or should you require it, helping you with your internal procedures - especially in this ever-changing regulatory world.