We are proud and excited to announce the creation of Carbon Law Partners, launched from our 2013 reinvention of pioneering law firm Paritas.


Of all the elements, carbon is the powerful bond-former, the ultimate molecule builder. Carbon’s amazing flexibility gives rise to life itself.

We connect with these simple ideas concerning the building of life, the expression of diversity and possibility, and the power and creativity of bond forming.

“We offer our lawyers the chance to build their careers, their practices and their client relationships in their own vision… Carbon represents the opportunity to rebuild a profession that for many has lost its life, purpose and sense of vocation; it reflects our spirit of renaissance.” (Michael Burne, Chief Executive of Carbon). 

This is where it begins…

January 2014

Michael Burne

I’m the Founder and Chief Executive of Carbon. The business was my initial idea, but I’m not precious with it. It’s my job to lead us to success, but this is really about shaping a collaboration based on a shared vision. I know none of it would be possible without the great team I’ve managed to assemble around the concept and the business strategy.