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Judith Turnbull
Brand and Communications Manager
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About Judith

What do you do?

My ‘in-house’ job title at the beginning was ‘Girl Friday’. But now I’ve found a home in the Brand and Comms Team. That means working with the team to develop different areas of Carbon. Building on the Carbon Brand. Developing our Partners, Clients, and Hub Services, and generally spreading ‘the word according to Carbon’.

Where were you before Carbon?

My working life  started in world of conferences. Organising them, running them, clearing up after them! Before I joined the Carbon team though, I spent 11 years as a freelance Business and Relationship Development consultant for various clients in London, Edinburgh and Wales.

Why did you join Carbon?

Well, I was looking for a new challenge, and Carbon presented itself, so even though I had no previous experience in the legal sector, I decided to put myself into the running. During the course of being interviewed by Michael I thought, ‘I’d like to work for this man’. I liked the cut of his jib. How he got his story across. And his belief in what he was doing.

Carbon is an exciting place to be and grow, as you never know what to expect. And I’ve not been disappointed. I work with a wonderful team and have learned so much. It’s great to be believed in.

What does success look like to you?

For me, success means being happy. Being believed in. Being true. Being the best mother, friend, colleague and confidante I can be. Living life the best way I can, and doing my job as well as I can. If I continue to learn and grow both personally and career-wise, I’ll be pleased.

When you’re not in the office?

I love shopping for old pieces of furniture, which I can paint. You’ll frequently see me hovering around the British Heart Foundation Furniture Shop, hanging out at car boot sales or flea markets. I love a bit of decorating, too, and always have a half-finished project on the go. I’m also dog mad and have three Spaniels. My son is a keen sportsman so you can often find me at the side of a squash court or rugby pitch.

Any personal heroes?

My Great-uncle Albert, who escaped twice from prisoner of war camps during World War II. He went on to be a Minister in the Church of Scotland and christened me.



Expertise & Accreditations

HND Tourism and Languages, Napier University, Edinburgh
Spanish Speaker



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Carbon is an exciting place to be and a great place to learn and grow. You never know what to expect.  Carbon

certainly never disappoints.

Judith Turnbull
Brand and Communications Manager