Carbon is great at litigation. But that’s not what makes our clients come back. It’s the help we give them in making sure they don’t repeat their bad experiences. It’s a premise of human nature that we work into our approach – as people as much as lawyers, we too prefer to prevent a dispute arising.

That said, once you instruct us, we’ll use all our expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. We’ll make sure we understand your objectives: to win at all costs, or to retain a relationship by negotiating a settlement. If we say you have a good case, you do – we’re not afraid of telling you if you don’t. And we certainly won’t run up unnecessary costs in fighting a lost cause. 

To avoid mounting costs and tension, we’ll also help you explore other cheaper, more ‘certain’ options before recommending litigation. After all, who on earth wastes money and management time on going to court, if they can avoid it?

Safe hands, strong credentials

We have the depth of experience necessary for dealing with all kinds of issues, from complex commercial and regulatory disputes, to debt recovery. We deal with urgent situations that need interim remedies, such as injunctions, and you can always contact us out of hours in an emergency. Bottom line is, we’re on your side, working with you towards the same goal, whatever the dispute.

There are two areas of Carbon expertise that deserve special mention:

Property litigation – this involves bricks and mortar, real people, and real problems that we take great pleasure in solving, so clients can get on with their lives. We deal with commercial and residential property disputes ranging from trespass, boundaries, adverse possession, nuisance and covenants, to infringement of property rights, property damage and environmental nuisance. We also handle landlord and tenant issues such as dilapidations, disrepair and leasehold disputes, including breaking leases and clearing sites for development.

Social housing – we advise housing management teams when they need external help. And we help several housing associations on tenancies, enforcement, and dealing with anti-social behaviour. Housing isn’t a nine-to-five job, so we don’t provide a nine-to-five service. We’re here when you need us.

In summary, we help clients create meaningful strategies for avoiding potential disputes – and for resolving them if they’ve already begun.


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