Employee Incentives

Considering employee recruitment and incentive tools? Equity incentives are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.

Carbon Law Partners take company culture very seriously. We're really tuned in to advising businesses on how best to reward and incentivise existing employees.We provide sound guidance on structuring equity incentives to help attract and retain great employees.


One of the great things about Employee Share Schemes is that there's a variety to choose from:

  • Share acquisition by employees, whether in the form of a gift of free shares or a purchase at market value. Learn more

  • Creation of new share classes to enable founders to offer the right kind of economic incentive for employees, while retaining voting control and/or dividend rights

  • Employee Benefit Trusts (onshore and offshore). Learn more

  • Tax-advantaged Share Incentive Plans (SIP). Learn more

And then there are tax-advantaged and non-tax-advantaged share options


Our aim when developing an employee share scheme is always to provide the most tax-efficient solution for the particular company, bearing in mind its sector of activity or type of workforce.

We work closely with you to create the right incentive for your workforce, including advice on the expected tax treatment for participants and the availability of the statutory corporation tax deduction for the company. We will also provide new Articles of Association if you need a new share class or to include restrictions on the shares, such as leaver provisions.

We of course also offer generic tax advice for employees.


We are really well versed in dealing with US and other non-UK companies looking to incentivise a UK based workforce.

So, if your company is new to the UK and wishes to incentivise its UK based workforce, we are always happy to use your existing share option plan to create a plan that is adapted to UK law and practice.


Businesses that are looking to recruit senior individuals will need advice on the package offered to new hires. We can help by liaising with our employment lawyers and using our experience to assist you to determine the initial value of the incentive and modeling its expected growth.


If your objective is to sell the business in the future or if you are looking to take the company public, we have the capability to advise on the share scheme aspects of all types of corporate transactions and would liaise closely with your corporate advisers, whether Carbon Law Partners or an external firm.