Understanding the complexities of recruitment

Sounds obvious, but many overlook it: recruitment isn’t just about ‘getting more people’. It’s about finding the right people. Individuals with the skills and experience, and perhaps most importantly, the right attitude, to help your business grow. But it’s also about personal chemistry, and how people can complement and bring out the best in each other.

As your business responds to the market and opportunities, and you look to expand your team, you also need to think about how that team works together. More often than not, these changes work just fine, but sometimes they don’t.

And of course, HR issues nearly always come when you can least afford the time and focus they demand. That’s when outside help from a really good employment lawyer can make all the difference.

Here’s what we bring to the table.

We do what you need, the way you need it

Advising on the recruitment process. HR policies. Performance management. Dismissals. Support for mergers and acquisitions. All examples of where Carbon insight and expertise can work wonders for you, with clear, concise, commercial advice you can actually apply to your requirements. We take into account your internal resources and capabilities, as well as your culture and business goals: a start-up tech company has different needs to a plc. with its own HR team.

We stay on our toes

Employment law is continuously changing, and fast. Just when you think you’re up to speed, a court decision or a government change to laws or regulations really put the cat amongst the pigeons. We monitor these changes closely and assess how they can affect our clients. In other words, we let you know about anything and everything you need to know about – before it happens.

No long contracts

Some insurance-based firms make their money by locking small businesses into annual contracts. Not us. We’re quite happy giving you the right advice, when you need it, without a contract. Perhaps that’s why so many of our clients have had relationships with our partners for a decade or more.

We’re there when you need us

Call at the last minute when you have a problem. No problem. Some issues come out of nowhere and require immediate resolution, such as, “can I dismiss this employee?”.  Our long-term clients become long-term clients because they know they can contact us whenever they need to, and we’ll deal with it. It’s how we’ve won clients’ trust and developed a personal chemistry with them over the years. It’s also why they involve us repeatedly in their business decisions.

We won’t waste your time

Put simply, we’re here to tell you what’s possible. As Carbon Law Partner Rachel Clayfield explains, “Clients are making important decisions that could affect their careers, or their employees’ careers. It’s my job to know how the law affects their particular situation and how it can help them achieve their goals.”


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