Health and Safety

Employees are your most important assets, so it pays to keep them safe at work. But the legal landscape for health and safety is notoriously complex, and continuously changing.

Health and safety is often perceived as a hindrance to business. Some see it as expensive, over-bureaucratic and time-consuming. But it’s a legal requirement, so ignoring it isn’t really a viable option. And if you get it wrong, the implications can be very expensive and career-limiting. Some legislation even carries criminal sanctions.

However, in many ways, it’s simple, and just needs to be proportionate to your business. You need to take reasonable steps to keep your people safe from harm, and remember that health and safety applies in different ways to different businesses. A small office-based business’ health and safety obligations are nothing like those for large corporations, or for construction firms undertaking high-risk contracts.

Making sense of it all

Point is, it needn’t be difficult, expensive, or long-winded. At Carbon, our approach is to help you make sense of what you need to do, and advise you on how best to do it. That might mean helping you to draw up risk assessments, draft health and safety policies, or advising on the implications of your staff’s working practices.

We’re also experienced in defending actions brought by the Health and Safety Executive. For example, we helped a catering company prove they had established appropriate precautions to prevent a major incident at their premises.  

Carbon’s expertise and up-to-the-minute knowledge on health and safety law can help you navigate the tricky bits.


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