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At Carbon we look for solutions, not obstacles. We have been guiding employees through the good times and the bad for many years, so we know what we are talking about.


You spend many hours at work and if all is going well, it is a great place to be. But if things aren’t so good it can be a lonely place. Bullying, harassment, long hours, disciplinaries  - they all cause stress and uncertainty. But you don’t need to face these challenges alone.

The employment team at Carbon can help you through these difficult patches. It’s what we do. It may be a case of helping you bring a grievance, negotiating an exit package or bringing a claim for constructive dismissal.

Knowing your rights and how best to use them to your advantage – that’s the key. Sometimes just chatting everything through with an experienced lawyer can put things into perspective.


But, we're not just here for when things go wrong. Got a new job? We can advise you on your new contract of employment and any restrictive covenants you're being asked to sign up to.

Bonus or commission may be a large part of your package but does the contract wording meet your expectations? Employers are good at wriggling out of these things - we advise employers as well, so we know all the tricks!

A bit of time spent now could pay dividends later.


So, you’ve got the dream job and a bit of financial security and decide it’s time to adopt or start a family.  How is that going to affect your career?  There is a mass of family friendly legislation out there just for you, but it can be confusing. Can men really take 50 weeks of leave? Can parents ask to work reduced hours after the baby is born? Can I be dismissed for being pregnant?  If you want to discuss what is best for your family and your career, give us a call. We know the law and we know what it is like to be working parents, so leave the legal side to us while you concentrate on the which pushchairs are topping the charts and attend those all-important scans.


Some of us like the flexibility of working when we want to and having more independence. But just because you’re not an employee doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. You may still be entitled to sick pay and holiday pay as some major companies have found out to their cost. This is an ever-changing area – just ask Uber, Pimlico Plumbers and Deliveroo. We monitor these changes closely and assess how they can affect our clients.


We advise a lot of clients on Settlement Agreements. Often they have been made redundant quite suddenly and are at a loss to know what to do next.  However, at Carbon Law Partners we believe in supporting our clients into the next stage of their career and have encouraged a number of our clients to set up in business on their own.  Yes, it can be daunting but with the right advice it can be reasonably straight forward.  We will check your contract of employment to see whether you will be breaching any restrictive covenants. We will check whether other members of your team can move with you and help you with contracts and policies for your business.  Before long you will be wondering why you didn’t take this step earlier.


At Carbon Law Partners we look for solutions, not obstacles. We have been guiding employees through the good times and the bad for many years so we know what we are talking about. What may seem an insurmountable problem to you is easily solved by us. We can take the stress out of your situation and help you achieve your goals.


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