Wills and Probate

Our advice is invaluable. We are approachable. We are flexible. We are exactly who you need to help support and guide you through difficult times.


Whether it be helping you deal with the estate of someone who has passed away, preparing Powers of Attorney, or planning your own Will - these are times that are filled with emotions of all kinds. We want you to have the right lawyer by your side to help you achieve the right outcome. 


You can dial up or down as much or as little support as you need. So you can pick areas you'd like us to deal with, or we can take care of everything for you. From advising on the terms of a Will, calculating inheritance tax, obtaining valuation of assets to protecting property interests - we can do what you need.

  • Administration of Trusts

  • Asset Valuation

  • Charities

  • Completion of Tax Returns

  • Contested Wills

  • Court of Protection

  • Creation of Trusts

  • Deeds of Variation

  • Disputes

  • Estate Administration

  • Gifts of Assets

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Intestacy Rules

  • Long Term Care Planning

  • Obtaining Probate

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Preparing Estate Accounts


It is so important to make a Will. Our Lawyers make it an easy process, not a daunting one. Here's a couple of important points to bear in mind.

1. Without a Will the law dictates how your assets are distributed.  You want to make sure the right people are benefiting.

2. If you have children, who would you want to look after them if you were not around? Your Will will state who you want to appoint as child or children's guardian(s). The person/people you'd want bring up your children, give them the right guidance, support and love.


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