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Business owners can often be so busy running their business – or businesses – they neglect their financial needs. So they can end up paying more tax than they need to on business and family assets. Or they lose out because too much of their wealth is tied up in the business.

Surprisingly often, they know this. But they’re too busy to make the time. And many are reluctant to take advice because it feels like they’re handing over control in some way. In fact, some of the attributes of successful entrepreneurs are directly opposed to those that lend themselves to wealth preservation.

When time really is money

At Carbon, we get it. We know what it feels like to run a business and have to prioritise every day. So we make the process and advice as simple, straightforward and effective as we can. No matter how complex the situation, we’re used to multi-jurisdictional issues and problems. We’ve advised high net worth clients all over the world on every aspect of their personal tax and estate planning.


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