Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring is part of modern business. Especially in the fast-moving, constantly evolving and highly competitive markets our clients work in. And to be successful, restructuring often requires creativity, keeping up with competition, and finding more cost-efficient ways of doing things.   

Sometimes, though, it just doesn’t work. When a business under performs to the point where insolvency looms, stakeholders’ interests can be at risk. Events can unfold quickly, and it’s easy to sense a loss of control when a business goes from turnaround to appointing an insolvency practitioner. At times like these, you need an experienced and pragmatic expert at your side. Someone who can explain the process and advise what you can and can’t do.

Where the Carbon effect kicks in

We advise insolvency practitioners (from sole practitioners to the big four) on the nature and extent of their duties and powers as well as business owners. We have first-hand knowledge of what practitioners want to achieve – and how they’re likely to go about it. We are proactive about obtaining evidence to help clients recover assets or investigate claims.

Our Insolvency and Corporate Recovery team gets its kicks from making a recovery or getting a deal away. “Most clients don’t care if I wear a suit,” says Carbon Law Partner Neville Catton. “They tend to be focused on getting a deal done. Identifying an interesting point of law rarely helps, solutions do.”

This ‘can do’ attitude is typically Carbon.

We can help you consider all the implications of corporate structures or security documents. We can give expert advice on structuring transactions and performing orderly wind-downs, insolvency processes and shareholder disputes.

And if you’re a creditor, there’s good news for you, too. Carbon Law Partners is very good at asset tracing and recovery, as well as conducting litigation relating to antecedent transactions, misfeasance and wrongful trading.

We can even talk you through the options for placing either you or a third party into an insolvency procedure, and make that process as painless as possible.


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