It’s quite amazing how much business is done on a handshake or a verbal agreement. That’s all fine until, for example, your supplier doesn’t deliver, or what they provide isn’t up to standard.

This is when you wish you had something in writing. Something you can point to and say ‘that’s what we agreed’.

You don’t just need a contract for when things go wrong. A well-drafted and negotiated contract doesn’t just protect your business; it can also help it grow at the right pace, with the right partners. It can safeguard your intellectual property and enhance the service you receive from suppliers. And it can protect profitability by making sure you don’t stump up for others’ mistakes.

Then there’s your online presence, joint ventures and any licensing or regulatory issues, plus data protection and agency arrangements.

Think ahead

If you’d prefer to just focus on the here and now of running a business, rather than being distracted by written commercial agreements, talk to the experts at Carbon. Our lawyers make the whole process as painless and efficient and possible. We’re business-minded, switched-on people who run our own businesses, so we can give prudent advice and help you get the right paperwork in place. If standard terms make sense, fine. If not, we’ll know what’s best for your unique circumstances. Even if you just need a quick sense check of what you’ve drafted, that’s fine too. This is something we offer as part of our Carbon SME service.

Three reasons to consider Carbon:

We’re a pop-round-for-a-coffee or give-you-a-quick-call kind of firm
We don’t write you long letters that make your eyes glaze over before we even get to what you need. We’ll listen to you – and talk to you – as fellow business owners. We’ll get straight to the heart of the matter – i.e. what you need and how we can help.

We’ve all run our own businesses
So we know it takes drive and determination to run a business. Keen organisational skills, and an ability to prioritise your to-do list. We’ve all been there, and will always put your business first.

We won’t blind you with science (or anyone else you’re dealing with)
Some lawyers like to show you how clever they are, by using long words or going into the finer points of law. Not Carbon. We show how clever we are by getting you a great deal.


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