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About Darren

Darren Lewis has over 20 years' experience in advising a range of high net worth individual and business clients in the development, licensed premises and charity sectors on property matters.

What clients do you act for?

I work with a wide range of clients from office, retail and industrial whether landlord or tenant. I act for a number of property investors, companies and high net worth individuals.  They may be commercial or residential developers or owners of pubs, clubs and restaurants.

What's different about how you work with your clients?

My approach is to effectively considered as their first port of call on any matter or query; almost considered as an in-house adviser. With development and site acquisition I encourage clients to get me involved from the outset even when just considering a site and negotiating heads of terms. This approach can avoid an unnecessary complications or issues later in the transaction or simply advice not to proceed without wasting time and money. I'm an integral part of their business and that's the part I love the most.

What will you bring to your role as a Partner here?

Having been qualified for 20 years and worked in a number of firms, Carbon Law Partners' ethos is simply a breath of fresh air.  I am looking forward to being free to work with clients how I see fit and to ensuring my clients can access the wide range of specialists here. In the last 5 years I didn't have a single internal referral from anyone at my firm.  I've been with Carbon just over a week and I've had 3 already! So I'm excited to deliver the best quality legal advice in a truly client-centric way.

And what do you do outside your professional life?

I love spending time with my wife and my two boys.  I'd better not forget the three cats and the new Dachshund puppy, Twm, too.

Believe it or not I love fireworks and last year qualified as a professional firer with the British Pyrotechnics Association.

I am also passionate about cooking - I've got over 300 recipe books and enjoy creating new dishes for my family and friends.

Any life-long ambitions?

Apart from being a husband, father, fireworks ace and cook just my love of France and my bucket list job to be fluent in French ready for when I live there!


Expertise & Accreditations

LPC: Cardiff Law School (DipLegPract - Distinction)

LLP (Hons): Cardiff University

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Having been qualified for 20 years and worked in a number of firms, I found Carbon's approach and

ethos simply a breath of fresh air.

Darren Lewis