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About James

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a Commercial Litigator.  I love the adversarial. It’s always been in my nature to try and solve problems.  I also like the unpredictability - no two disputes or working days are the same.

I specialise in complex transactional and corporate disputes – relating to matters such as share / asset sales, completion accounts, earns outs, warranty claims and major commercial projects.  I am drawn to the complexity and the need to get behind the commercial issues driving the businesses.

Are there any particular sectors you specialise in?

As well as contentious transactional disputes I work in the sports sector.  I'm passionate about all sports - playing them, watching them and debating about them.  I have particular expertise in sports regulatory work and representing athletes in anti-doping cases.  The combination of legal, scientific and personal elements is fascinating and I love helping innocent athletes fight to save their careers.  As well as human sport, I work in equine sport having successfully represented organisations like the Saudi Equestrian Team and leading riders such as Jock Paget. 

What do you think your clients like about you?

My integrity. I'm frank and honest about prospects and what's required in different situations. Also my tenacity. I keep focused on the objective even when it means believing that what looks impossible is possible. I am analytical but I think creatively – I don’t just follow the litigation handbook.

Aside from my legal skills, my clients know that I care what drives them.  That’s not just about the deals they do and what they want for their business but also what they did at the weekend – what makes them tick. 

What makes you happy?

Simple stuff. Watching my children grow up and continually amaze me – the good and the 'challenging'. Dinner out with my wife (although that doesn’t happen enough!) My crazy greyhound. Helping the underdog. Making things right. Days at the beach. Running and cycling up steep and never ending hills.  I also have a keen interest in acupuncture and nutrition, especially linked to training and sports performance.

Expertise & Accreditations

LLB Kings College London 

LLM Kings College London

Diploma in European Legal Studies, Université Robert Schuman, Strasbourg 

College of Law London 

British Association of Sport and Law

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“Success for me, means delivering great outcomes for my clients. An outcome that really works for them or their business. Not just one that looks good on paper from a legal perspective”.

James Pheasant