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About Jess

Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born, raised and educated in Australia, on the aptly named Sunshine Coast. I studied law at the University of Queensland where I also completed my Masters. After finishing my studies I moved to Melbourne and worked in a boutique law firm, gaining experience in commercial law disputes. Then I met the wonderful Abi, who is now my wife. Abi is from the UK so we decided to settle down over here. 

What do you do at Carbon? 

My main practice area is disputes - commercial, property, construction and intellectual property - I work with Carbon Partner, David Martin. I’m particularly passionate about intellectual property work, which has always been a great interest of mine. The focus of my Masters was a study of copyright in the digital age.

I work on a lot of high-value contractual disputes, professional negligence claims and intellectual property matters. My clients are professionals across a variety of industries, including sports, construction, finance, recruitment, technology and tourism

I like litigation because every day is different. It gives me the opportunity to be involved with diverse businesses across the UK – and I get to use my skills to help people through a crisis. 

How would you describe yourself?

Calm, honest, direct.  I like to talk in a language that everyone understands.

I also have a knack for quickly understanding a client’s objectives and thinking outside the box for a legal solution. 

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Like most Australians I love travelling and the great outdoors - hiking, camping, snowboarding, sailing and surfing.  I also really enjoy a good festival - my favourites being Roskilde in Denmark and Woodford, a folk festival in Australia.

Expertise & Accreditations

Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (England and Wales Practicing Certificate), Kaplan

Masters in Law, University of Queensland (Hon)

Bachelor of Laws, University of Queensland (Hon)

Bachelor of Arts (English and Journalism), University of Queensland

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I am calm, honest, direct.  I like to talk in a language that everyone understands.

Jess Owen