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About Toni

What do you do?

I advise on all aspects of Employment/HR Law from recruitment right through to the end of an employment relationship and everything in between and beyond.

I often work closely with in-house HR to advise on day to day practices and procedures, draft contracts, handbooks and employment tribunals when they arise. I believe in conciliation, approaching matters commercially and cutting to the chase. I work with all sectors but most recently have spent much of my time within the automotive, engineering, fashion, care home and construction sectors.

Tell us about your clients?

I really enjoy working with clients where I can make a real difference. They may not have HR advisers to assist them and I can fill that gap. Even when they do, I can offer a different level of support to ensure they stay on the right side of the law. 

I like to meet my clients if possible as you can't beat face to face contact. Being able to see the client's premises, understand more about their business and meet their people, is so important. However, I have worked with clients all over the world before and so I know that this is not always possible. The key thing for me with any communication is to listen, ask questions, provide clear options and to create open lines of communication.

What does success mean to you? 

Success is achieving the best outcome for my client. It's about being able to set and manage expectations because 'success' doesn't always mean winning and having your own way on everything. It's when I send that last email or make the last call on a case and I can tell my client is happy. 

What else makes you happy?

Spending time with family and friends because that's what life is about. I love having a lie in on a Saturday, making a breakfast we don't have time to make in the week and then catching up on The Last Leg from the night before. Then it could be a day of gardening or seeing the important people in our lives and sometimes not doing an awful lot.

Travelling makes me very happy. I love every aspect of travel from the planning and organising, to the adventure itself, exploring and experiencing new things.

Tell us about your best travel experience? 

South Africa. We arrived in Cape Town and travelled the Garden Route finishing at Pumba, just outside Port Elizabeth. You see the city, the greenery of the winelands, the seaside in Hermanus, the dry landscapes of Oudtshoorn, the lake in Knysna and the safari experience tops it all off. I saw one of the most beautiful and magical views at the top of Table Mountain, held a baby ostrich, walked a cheetah, saw white lions within touching distance, and photographed penguins on the beach.

Expertise & Accreditations

LLB |  University of Warwick
Legal Practice Course | College of Law Birmingham

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"Knowing that I have made a difference for a client and that they have enjoyed (as much as possible!) working with me is a great feeling. It's not just about following the letter of the law but developing relationships and understanding and I love how much this has a positive impact upon the work I do."

Toni Sharp