The Carbon Story

Why do we exist? In a word, frustration. Frustration with how traditional law firms are structured. The bureaucracy, long hours and unfair pay structures. The lack of opportunity. The risks that conventional partnerships bring. The technology that’s creaking at the seams. These are common gripes for many highly capable, highly motivated lawyers.

And what about clients? They want the right advice at the right time like always, but they also want to be able to seek out the right lawyer for them. It’s about personality over prestige – relationships over reputations. Plus they want a more transparent and flexible fee structure. One that feels modern and collaborative, and fits with how they like to do things.

Take a look around

You’ll see traditional business models being turned on their head. Not naming names, but the world’s biggest taxi company owns no vehicles. The world’s biggest accommodation provider owns no hotels. And the world’s biggest bookseller owns no stores.

Carbon Law Partners aims to free up the way businesses buy legal advice in just the same way. We don’t ‘own’ our lawyers – or their ambitions or relationships. We simply provide a means for them to do better business with their clients.

The Carbon appeal

Carbon Law Partners is a like-minded team of entrepreneurial lawyers looking to succeed by doing things differently. We appeal to ambitious, courageous and successful people. But never to the detriment of the discerning, the perceptive and the insightful. We appeal to those who appreciate quality and efficiency, and the skill behind the best results.

Whether it’s for clients or partners, we appeal to those who believe in something better, who expect something more from law.